RWC memberships explained


Many amongst you have asked us about how it works if one wants to use the RWC space, so let us explain it all. As you know, RWC is a premium work and business club in Plateau, Abidjan. In order to use the RWC space for work or meetings, one has to be a member. We will go over types of membership and what each of them gives you access to. Now let's get into memberships and what each of them offers. We have 2 types of resident memberships and 2 types of social memberships :


-          ROYAL

This is a daily membership that allows you to work out of the RWC space every day. You can use small meeting rooms at no cost and enjoy all the amenities, complimentary coffee and refreshments.

-          ROYAL FLEX

This resident membership is for sporadic use. It is designed for frequent travelers or those who already have an office in Abidjan, but wish to use RWC as their club for important client and partner meetings. This membership enjoys all the benefits of ROYAL membership, but is giving 75 day access to the RWC space.

Now, getting into something we value immensely is - networking.


-          SOCIAL

For professional networking in a more casual atmosphere. When being a social member, you get regular invites to events in and outside of the club that we organize for our community every 4-6 weeks. You can apply to be a social member on our website.

-          SOCIAL LUX

And the last membership type is SOCIAL LUX. Social Lux membership is allowing access to the club in the after-work hours on a select week days. Often it will include tastings or organized evenings, but it can also just be regular after-work visit to the club to take a glass with your partners and colleagues and socialize with other members of the club. (Social Lux membership is launching mid-February)


It is also important to note that we also have event and meeting spaces for rent and you don't have to be a member to book our boardrooms and event spaces for your professional events.

We are here to answer any questions, just write us at or on WhatsApp Business
(+225 75 75 31 36) with inquiries and to schedule a visit.

Martina Culjak