RWC Member Spotlight : Morgane Roth of Qantara Digital

This week we are starting a series of our member interviews. Our idea is to introduce you to our diverse member base and allow you to get to know each other better. Our first member in this series is Morgane Roth. Morgane moved to Abidjan 4 months ago to set up the operations of company Qantara Digital. So, let's see what were her experiences thus far.


RWC: Can you tell us a little bit more about Qantara Digital and why did the company pick Abidjan for its next stop?

Morgane: Qantara Digital is a consulting firm guiding the financial sector through its digital transformation. We advise banks and financial institutions in development of customer centered innovative products/services as a part of their digital strategy. Our goal setting up our first African office in Abidjan was be closer to the innovations developed in the areas of mobile banking, Fintech etc. in this part of the world and ultimately accompanying various digital project in West Africa.

RWC: What is your role in the company and what is the main focus on Quantara Digital at the moment?

Morgane: I am the Head of the Qantara Digital activities in Côte d'ivoire. My job is to onboard and help our clients structure their digital transformation plan, training in digital culture and other. Other than that, accompanied by Hadrian and Jérôme, I develop our activities with the financial sector and the Ivorian entrepreneurial ecosystem. Finally, I am heavily involved in the recruitment and regularly conduct interviews with potential candidates because our goal is to recruit 3 consultants by June.

RWC: You studied in Strasbourg. What was your professional path after graduating?

Morgane: I was born in Strasbourg and I started my studies there. I continued my studies in Sweden and then in the Paris region. I started my professional career in Paris and at one point I decided to go on a mission in Dakar, Senegal where I lived for 2 years. Seduced by this experience, I decided to continue my journey by settling in Abidjan.

RWC: What did you first think about the idea of moving to Abidjan and how was your adjustment to the life in the city?

Morgane: I came to live in Abidjan without ever visiting the city before, however I had heard so much about Abidjan prior to moving that I felt like I already knew the city. There are many similarities with Dakar, so I quickly got used to it.

RWC: Your top 5 places in Abidjan?

Morgane: I enjoy coming to the Royal Work Club 😉
In the evenings, I often head to the Bushman Café or Kajazoma restaurants. And to relax a little bit on the weekend, I indulge in a getaway to the Ile Boulay or to the ocean side of Grand-Bassam.

We hope our series of interviews will inspire you to start a conversation or even begin a new collaboration. We are looking forward to introduce you to more of our magnificent members and their exciting projects!

Martina Culjak